Olive Branch Children’s Clothing Exchange is closed (again!)

Olive Branch will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We will re-open when we feel it is safe to do so, depending on government advice, local numbers and cases. If you are in an emergency situation, and require school uniform, pants or socks for your children, please contact Abbie Edwards (community@goodshepherdchurch.org.uk).

If you have any questions, please get in touch. 


Latest video update - 17th November 2020

New rules and guidance for attending
Visiting Olive Branch: - We will still be meeting on Thursday mornings. Due to limited numbers in the Church Hall at any one time, we will be extending hours. Booking slots will be available from 9:30am – 1pm.
- Each visitor will be expected to book in advance.
- Each visitor will be expected to wear a mask, as per government guidelines.
- There will be gloves available if you wish to wear them. Visitors are encouraged not to touch the clothing unnecessarily to the best of their ability.
- The entrance will be through the front doors of the church, and you may be asked to wait outside until your booked time.
- Unfortunately, due to limited storage space, we are only able to accept one bag of clothing donations per visit.
- As we are unable to count the items in and add points to your card, we are gifting 30 free points to everyone, as an opening celebration. Your items will be counted and points added to your card after donated items have been in quarantine for 72 hours.
- There will be antibacterial hand wash available to use at the entrance, in the church hall and at the exit.
- There will be a one – way system in place around the hall. Please follow the signs and arrows to the best of your ability.
- Please respect a two-metre distance rules between yourself, the other visitors and volunteers to the best of your ability.
- We are not allowed to serve drinks or refreshments, so please bring your own drinks bottle if required.
- Your items will be counted out at the exit table as per normal. The exit is through the Church Hall exit doors to the car park.

Booking System:
- You will need to book a place in advance. You can do this by calling or emailing the Church office. You will need to provide some basic contact information such as your name, contact number and address. We will keep this information for two weeks and provide it to NHS track and trace if requested.
- Each booking slot available is for one adult. We ask that children only attend if there are no child care alternatives.
- If you require extra assistance or special requirements, please inform the office when booking. 

The Olive Branch Children’s Clothing exchange is a free community event which is open every Thursday morning, 9:30 am to 11:30 am during term time.

We operate as a swap-shop. You can bring in items of clothing to donate and earn points, and then you can spend those points on items within our stock. You also get 40points for FREE when you sign up.
Each item is worth 1 point. Each item costs 1 point.  There is a seating area where you can enjoy our free refreshments. There is also a small children’s area with a colouring table.

Olive Branch Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different clothes available from each week?
The Olive Branch stock changes depending on who comes into donate. Sometimes we have lots of donations of baby clothes, sometimes school uniform. Every week is different! We do keep seasonal items in storage, so you can look forward to items such as Christmas jumpers in December or summer dresses in June.
Do I need to pay?
Olive Branch does not ask for any money. We use a point system, not pounds! Tea, coffee and refreshments are also free.
Can I bring my children to Olive Branch?
As long as they are not off of school sick, then ‘Yes’ you are welcome to bring your children to Olive Branch. They are your responsibility.
Do I have to donate or take items home?
You are welcome to come along and browse with no pressure to donate or take away items. Olive Branch is not just a clothing exchange, but a chance to socialise and be part of a community.
Can I donate electrical items?
Sadly, we cannot accept electrical items, because we cannot prove that they are safe or PAT tested.
Can I volunteer at Olive Branch?
We are always looking for more volunteers at Olive Branch, but would also like to get to know you first, some come along for a few weeks as a guest, and we can explain the process from there!
For more information
Please contact Abbie Edwards, Pioneer Community Worker:
Tel: 07845 175 158
E-mail: community@goodshepherdchurch.org.uk
Or contact our church office:
Tel: 01252 375 578
Email: office@goodshepherdchurch.org.uk