The Bible Course 

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Ever wondered what the difference is between the Old and New Testaments, how they work together and what the 'big picture' story of the Bible might be?

Anyone is welcome to come, there are eight sessions, taking us on a journey from the beginning to the end of the Bible.

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What is the Bible Course?
Whether you’re just looking into the Christian faith or a long way in, the course provides tools and skills that help you read the Bible for yourself.
The course contains
•    An interactive journey through the whole Bible story
•    8 sessions of DVD teaching and small group discussion
•    Course manual – 150 pages packed with notes, quotes and visuals to accompany the DVD teaching

How each session works
There are 8 sessions each lasting 90 minutes.  Every session consists of two halves:
First half
•    20 min – DVD teaching
•    20 min – small group discussion 
Second half
•    20 min – DVD teaching
•    20 min – small group discussion

Each participant has a manual that illustrates the DVD teaching with quotes, notes and visuals. The manual also contains questions for small group discussion, daily reading plans that build up to the next session, a glossary and recommended reading.

Who is the course for?
•    The course works for seekers, new Christians and mature Christians

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